Potential Carbon Sequestration in the Rocky Mountain Region

Geologic formations in western Colorado are being studied for their ability to sequester carbon dioxide underground in a major research assessment to be conducted by a partnership called the Rocky Mountain Carbon Capture and Sequestration (RMCCS) team.  The team is comprised of the Arizona Geological Survey, Colorado Geological Survey, the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, Schlumberger Carbon Services, Shell Production Company, Tri-State Generation and Transmission, the University of Utah and the Utah Geological Survey.

The RMCCS team will utilize geologic and geophysical methods and tools to characterize rock formations in and around the town of Craig, Colorado for their potential as future carbon dioxide storage options.  The project consists of analyzing surface and subsurface rock formations, digging a well, creating a detailed geologic model of the underground rock formations and assessing risk for carbon sequestration.